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How Do I Know My Membership Is In Good Standing?

What does it mean to have a member in good standing?

All members of Latinas Unidas need to renew their membership every year. That is an opportunity to confirm that you want to continue being a member and we all make sure the information in your profile is up to date.

Checking the status of your membership is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Identify the email address of your membership

Make sure you know the email address you are receiving messages from Latinas Unidas. That email is the way we can find you in the system and is part of your login credentials.

Remember, most of us have more than one email for different uses so it's important you use the right one when trying to login into our website to avoid unnecessary frustration. 

2) Login to our website

Go to and at the top of the screen click on the cute little Member icon to enter your email address and password to login and access your profile (if you are reading this on our website you are half done!).

If you don't remember your password, it's Ok. Who can remember all those passwords anyway?! Just click on the Forgot password link to reset your password and you will receive an email to enter a new one.


3) Check your profile

Once you have logged into our website, you can access your profile by clicking on the member icon on the top of the page and selecting the View profile option.

If you need to renew your membership your profile will show you. It will be hard to miss, it's a big orange button with the date to renew one year at a time.


That's it!
After following these instructions you'll know how to check and keep your membership in good standing!

If you find any issues or have any related questions, please email us at

Thank you for being a member and supporting Latinas Unidas!


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Our Mission

The mission of Latinas Unidas is to foster opportunities that will promote unity, cultural identity and the presence of the Latina woman in the community; to encourage and motivate women to be self-confident to assume leadership roles to positively impact society.
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