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Reconocimiento and scholarship Awards (rasa)

The Reconocimiento and Scholarship Awards is held on an annual basis.  At this event, Latinas are formerly and publicly recognized for their achievements, leadership, and service.  the Latinas Unidas scholarship winners are also recognized.

Reconocimiento Awards are granted in the categories listed below. 

  1. Professional Achievement 
  2. Inspirational Leadership
  3. Volunteer Service
  4. Youth Latina Leadership (13 – 17 years old)

Information about the Latinas Unidas scholarship, can be found here.  

Past recipients of the Reconocimiento Awards:


  • Professional Achievement: Maritza C. Buitrago
  • Inspirational Leadership: Lisa Martínez DeVinney
  • Volunteer Service: Annette Jiménez Gleason
  • Young Latina Leader: Ariely Cortés

2018 – 25th Anniversary

  • Professional Achievement: Arline Santiago
  • Inspirational Leadership: Juanita Rodriguez
  • Volunteer Service: Suliany Vargas
  • Young Latina Leader: Adriana Mendoza


  • Professional Achievement: Hilda Rosario Escher
  • Inspirational Leadership: Librada Paz
  • Volunteer Service: Tabita Torres
  • Young Latina Leader: Kari-Elyssa Cepero


  • Professional Achievement: Stephanie Paredes
  • Inspirational Leadership: Beverly Sirvent
  • Volunteer Service: Sady Fisher
  • Young Latina Leader: Mayra Rodriguez


  • Career Achievement: Mercedes Vasquez Simmons
  • Leadership Achievement: Annette Ramos
  • Volunteer Achievement Award: Gloria Sabastro
  • Young Latina Leader: Natalie Hoppe


  • Career Achievement: Antonia Custodio
  • Leadership Achievement: Flor M. Colon
  • Volunteer Achievement Award: Yesenia Ramos-Torres
  • Young Latina Leader: Laura Aguilera


  • Career Achievement: Belimar Velazquez
  • Leadership Achievement: Melisza Campos
  • Volunteer Achievement Award: Ineabelle Geena Cruz
  • Young Latina Leader: Valeria Delgado


  • Career Achievement: Sara Pabon Jordan
  • Leadership Achievement: Marisol Ramos-Lopez
  • Volunteer Achievement Award: Diana M. Irizarry
  • Young Latina Leader: Nicolette Kane


  • Career Achievement: Diana Hernández
  • Inspirational Leadership: Norma M. Holland
  • Volunteer Service: Olga Martínez
  • Young Latina Leader: Marina Ramos

2008 – Quinceañera

  • Career Achievement: Gladys Pedraza-Burgos
  • Leadership Achievement: Nydia Padilla-Rodriguez
  • Volunteer Service: M. Celeste Amaral
  • Young Latina Leader: Angie Rivera


  • Professional Achievement: Dr. Gladys Velarde
  • Inspirational Leadership Achievement: Salvadora Guzmán
  • Volunteer Service: Leida Martínez
  • Young Latina Leader: Wanda Liz Pérez


  • Career Achievement: Elizabeth Ortiz
  • Leadership Service: Elizabeth “Libby” Adessa
  • Volunteer Service: Marisol Rivera
  • Young Latina Leadership: Lisamarie Valentín


  • Career Achievement: Dr. Tina Pereda
  • Leadership Service: Rose Mary Villarrubia-Izzo
  • Volunteer Service: Ana Galindo
  • Young Latina Leadership: Stephanie Adriana Hoppe


  • Career Achievement: Brenda Pacheco Rivera
  • Leadership Service: Gloriela Burns
  • Volunteer Service: Ida Perez
  • Youth Leadership: Brandy Soublet


  • Career Achievement: Diani Torres
  • Leadership Service: Vilma Morrow
  • Volunteer Service: Miriam Miranda-Jurado
  • Youth Leadership: Jacelyn Johnson Ortiz


  • Career Achievement: Grace Tillinghast
  • Leadership Service: Dr. Luz Cruz
  • Volunteer Service: Sylvia Boiano
  • Youth Leadership: Daiana Rivera


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Our Mission

The mission of Latinas Unidas is to foster opportunities that will promote unity, cultural identity and the presence of the Latina woman in the community; to encourage and motivate women to be self-confident to assume leadership roles to positively impact society.
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