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Our Programs

This event empowers young Latinas ages from 7 to 18, encouraging them to feel good about themselves and be proud to be Latinas.

It is an opportunity for young girls to celebrate who they are, with other girls just like them, and learn about ¡Soy Unica! ¡Soy Latina! (SUSL) information and resources.

The Reconocimiento Awards acknowledge the accomplishments and contribution to the community of Latinas in the following categories:

  • Professional Achievement
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Volunteer Service
  • Youth Latina Leadership 

Reconocimiento Awards 2019

Applications open for the 2020 Latina Women Scholarships

The recipients are adult Latinas 25+ who desire to pursue educational initiatives that do not receive funding from traditional sources. We support women who have entry level work experience and who are seeking additional training to develop skills required for job advancement and financial independence.

Latinas Unidas

As a registered member you help Latinas Unidas grow, and be a respected and credible organization in the community. By way of your membership support you help us with our programs.  

Our Mission

Latinas Unidas is an organization dedicated to uniting Latina women from different segments of the Greater Rochester Area, who share common concerns and interest affecting Latina Women.
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