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nuestra cultura, nuestra salud

(our culture, our health)

Latinas tend to be the keeper of the Hispanic and Latin cultures.  Like many women, Latinas most often take care of the needs of others before their own self-care.  Nuestra Cultura, Nuestra Salud, is an even that combines both the Three Kings Latin culture with self-care.  

The event begins with a breakfast and uplifting kick-off.  Children engage in healthy exercises, such as Zumba, until the Three Kings arrive.  At that point, the children move into story-telling and await the entrance of the Kings.  In the meantime, the moms, grandmas (and yes, some dads), participate in a health fair that has resources about self-care.  The excited grows as the Three Kings enter the event.  Shortly after, the Kings give the presents to the children. 

Nuestra Cultura, Nuestra Salud is typically held in January.  Registration will be forthcoming. 

In the meantime, if you would like to support this effort, please contact Joann Santos-Santiago, Latinas Unidas President and Board Chair at


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Our Mission

The mission of Latinas Unidas is to foster opportunities that will promote unity, cultural identity and the presence of the Latina woman in the community; to encourage and motivate women to be self-confident to assume leadership roles to positively impact society.
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